Azlin Vintage

Starting Azlin Vintage is an absolute dream. As a child, I had an obsession with learning to sew and design my own visions. I wanted to have my name on something, be known for something, and have a household name like the amazing designers I have looked up to.

Becoming a successful model is something I never believed could happen to come from a small town, so conquering that and then gaining the confidence to start a small online store is a dream come true. I never thought I'd push myself as far as to start something of my own. I've always wanted to own my own brand but putting it into action is much different. I have been wanting to do this for years but I always made excuses.

This pandemic really allowed me to push myself into the person I want to become and at the beginning of the year I started doing research and writing in a notepad. Growing up I had terrible taste and style but my mother was the opposite so I hoped I would grow into it and I did. Becoming a model five years ago I had to learn what I liked and didn’t like but I also didn’t have the budget to create the wardrobe I aspired to have. Eventually, I found thrift stores and fell in love. Depending on the store you could find items categorized by color, size, and type. Over the years I have found some of my favorite pieces from thrifting, even for under $20.

I hope to share the love, trust, and belief I have in shopping second hand but also finding that irreplaceable article of clothing or accessory to give you a feeling of complete joy of finding something so unique to each individual. I think starting with something small like this will give me an understanding of how to run a business for my next venture can be even greater than my current endeavor.