Life Changes

My life has changed in so many ways looking back to where my life was a year ago to now. I sometimes can’t believe it. I was losing hope with myself and having turbulent nightmares. I didn’t know what I was doing wrong as I had made previous life changes to monitor my anxiety. I have recognized I have a need to overcompensate. I push myself harder than needed because I fear if I don’t work at my foundation and self constantly I will fail and hit rock bottom.

Don’t let people decide your life for you. It’s your choice and mistakes. It doesn’t matter if nobody else is ready, if you are, you are. Finding peace sometimes isn't always the easiest. I thought because I was getting older I had to have more to show for myself but life is about being not doing. Today, self-forgiveness is my priority. I forgive myself for giving into fear and choose love instead.

I realize that this pandemic is actually a time of growth and global reset, where we can forgive and release what has been weighing us down so that we can feel lighter and more in tune with ourselves. I’m learning that it’s okay to wear my heart on my sleeve. Not every human will understand you, we must learn to understand and accept ourselves. Questions I have thought on during this change of routine, which you may or may not want to answer.

- What lessons do we want to learn from life?
- What do philosophers and priests depending on your beliefs think about life and society?
- Why are people scared to get to know and understand their true selves?
- Are people here for a specific reason other than to be apart of humanity?
- Do we have a purpose as a species?