Time Heals All

Time heals all. I spent the first six months of my 21st in Sydney (I was living there in this picture) after revealing the trauma I endured to my family. I’m not writing this tidbit for any reason other than to share a moment of my life, so please don't think I'm looking for attention 

Living in Sydney gave me an understanding that no matter what age you are, you are in control of your life. I had spent months at a time before this place in countries, but Sydney was the longest, and I rose to find that I wanted to make profound life changes. 

I always dreamed of owning a business, having a blog, creating videos, but I had this idea that I had to be perfect. I was ashamed of my past and didn’t want to share my story because I wanted to fit in. I picked up habits I didn’t recognize in myself. I lost sight of what kind of woman and person I wanted to be. But with everything, it takes time and trust. 

When I came home from Sydney, I lived in LA for six months but still felt discouraged. I went to Miami for a work trip and decided to choose my happiness over my career. As a model, most work comes from LA or NYC, but I never felt a real home connection. Finding my home has inspired me in so many ways to grow that in a year and a half, I have sought self-therapy, Ayahuasca, healthy hobbies, new business ventures, and allowing myself to trust some people do care. 

Life doesn't always make sense, but it's beautiful to embrace the chaos. If you can find beauty in that, it doesn't seem so tedious with the routine of finding yourself and your purpose. 

You have time. You are loved. Be easy on yourself.